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Alert Ash Margarite Henry, aka "Ruby"

"Ruby" is so much more than just a broodmare! She was a 9 month old fuzzy - wuzzy filly when she joined our family in February 1992. Ruby's sire "Edgewood Hallmark" and dam "Shamrock Shellaleh" were owned by Jerry Cole (a wonderful man and Lippitt Morgan breeder up in Montana) when she was conceived. Jerry told me, during lengthy conversations, how "Hallmark" could work cattle all day, compared to the other ranchers who had to change horses half way through the day. Her dam was no slouch either as "Shellaleh" was Elk hunting and working cattle before Jerry ever bred her. Jerry believes that "his Lippitts" need to prove their versatility before he breeds them. I'm so thankful for his time, stories, videos and knowledge he has sent my way. I knew the heart & stamina of Hallmark and Shellaleh would shine through into Ruby. Ruby has shown me that there is more to her than just a pretty face. Extremely easy to train as a youngster, but for some reason she had this trappy little walk. We would ride the dirt roads and the fields for almost two years before she taught herself how to flat-walk. (Come to find out, that trappy way of going is in her genes, 4 crosses to . . . "Allen's Major")

Alert Ash Margarite Henry

AMHA 0123709

dark chestnut

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